Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision and Values

Representatives of the Central Brown County Water Authority take the responsibility of supplying our member communities with quality and abundant drinking water very seriously. To that goal, we have an established mission and vision, along with a set of core values, that guide our decision making process. They are as follows: 

Our Mission
Supplying clean, abundant, affordable water – for life, for business, for growth.

Our Vision
Over the long term, the Central Brown County Water Authority will:

  • Maintain the highest quality, safe drinking water supply supporting the continued growth and prosperity of our communities.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency and reliability of our infrastructure ensuring the lowest cost and best value for our customers.
  • Grow our membership and lead the way in pursuing regional drinking water solutions.

Our Core Values
- Safety                              - Innovation
- Public Health              - Collaboration
- Reliability                     - Trust
- Affordability               - Respect
- Growth 

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